ijen crater blue fire
Date                      : Des-19-2013
Name                    : Leif Leiner
live                         :
Command           : I hope you have recovered from this morning. It was a nice tour I enjoyed it very much. Some of photos are not bad


Mt Ijen TourDate                      : Jan-08-2013
Name                    : Neville Andrew Mehra
live                         : Rockvill Maryland
Comment            : we had amazing time travelling through East Java indonesia. From bromo to banyuwangi, they are all amazing places, but you made them even more special for us. Most of all, it was great to see all sights around banyuwangi. I especially enjoyed the coffe plantation tour, since you used to work here.


Date                      : Nov-19-2013
Name                    : Sarah Stofell
Live                         : Duselldorf, Germany
Comments           : Thank you gigeh it was a nice trip.. miss Indonesia..



ijen crater tour
Date                      : Nov 19 2013
Name                    : Hanna erz
live                         : Tubingen, Germany
Comments           : we got fantastic places. Thanks you for showing us such a good pleaces…



ijen crater blue fire
Date                      : Nov 09 2013
Name                    : Leonard Chu
live                         : Yantai,China
Comments           : I’ve recommended 2 friends to you, Chloe is going to mount bromo next mount. Another friend cheah is also interested and will be contacting you. Wishing you good business


Date                      : Ock-31-2013
Name                    : Cee xiang min
live                         : Singapore.
Comments           : hey gigeh thanks for being such a great tour guide these few days, and making bromo-ijen-water rufting trip , so fun and enjoyable keep it up.


Date                      : Ock-27-2013
Name                    : Linus LI
live                         : Singapore.
Comments           : Go  ijentourism.com. U r doing a great job. thank you very much for amazing trip



ijen.tour.and.travelDate                      : Apr-30-2013
Name                    : Anna Serdyuk
live                         : Rusia
Comments           : I’like to return, I’m sure I’ll come to Indonesia atou gain, I really had great holidays!!! And our Java hollidays!)))) I had a lot of fun! Thank you for our trip, everything was perfect. Java adventure was awesome.)))


Date                      : Jul-28-2013
Name                    : Hanne Louise Knaepen
live                         : Leuven Belgium
Comments           : it was nice to meet you gian. Mum and brother are back in belgium and I came back to japan… missing them so much!! Thanks for the trip.



Date                      : Apr-30-2013
Name                    : Chow Jiayi
live                         : Singapore
Comments           : It was too nice i forgot . Finally home and rested J, will share the photos to you. J thanks for bromo ijen tour.



Date                      : Mar-28-2013
Name                    : Tifafany Tan
live                         : Singapure
Comments           :  I’ll be back to Indonesia with my friends, especially Yogyakarta thank you for the trip, it was very awsome amazing



ijen.crater.blue.flameDate                      : Oct-27-2012
Name                    : Natalia Bednarz knoll
live                         : Hamburg,Germany
Comments           : Gigeh we are sadly back in hamburg, the first week without sun and Indonesia food but full of work. .. too bad. Thank you once more for making a trip to us. Showing us such a great pieces of Indonesia. We will never forget ijen and bromo. I hope you are doing find and looking forword to hearing from you J

Date                      : Sept-22-2012
Name                    : Carole Collarr
live                         : Limal,Brabant, Belgium
Comments           : J Thank you… thank you,,,,gigeh



ijen tour
Date                      : Jul-26-2012
Name                    : Senne Knaepen
live                         : France
Comments          : we missed ijen.. No doubt after the trip we could conclude you were defenetly the best Indonesian guide..))))).



Date                      : Mar-7-2012
Name                    : Stephen Robert
live                         : Frence.
Comments           : we miss bali and java. It’s cold in frence! I really hope to see you and visit ijen and bromo again. One day we are going back in java bali. Good luck to your future. “ de rien”


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