Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Tour

Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Tour

Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Tour is the best tour package for your holiday. Mount Bromo is one of famous volcanoe in
east java indonesia. Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour is the important thing for visitors to visit. there are many kinds spot to see sunrise at bromo, but we recommend you to visit Penanjakan Kingkong Hill Bromo. Kingkong Hill Bromo is the best spot for photography. and for visitors who want to see the most beautifull volcano, you can do Mount Ijen Crater Tour after you do Mount Bromo Tour. You will presented amazing Mount Ijen Blue Fire where the Blue Fire Ijen Crater is the most fantastic Blue Flame in the world. Blue fire At Ijen Crater there is only one in the world.

mount bromo ijen crater toursMount Bromo Ijen Crater Tour From Surabaya

There are many way to get to Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater. But for traveler who want to visit Mount Bromo And Ijen Crater From Surabaya and finish in Bali We Suggest you to visit Mount Bromo First Then Ijen And finish in Bali. So the tour program be like this SURABAYA BROMO IJEN BALI. You can do Surabaya Bromo Ijen Bali 3 Days 2 Nights. It is the best choice and good alternatif.

Please check tour itinerary for Mount Broomo Ijen Crater Tour 3 Days 2 Nighs Below

Day        : 01

We will pick you up from Surabaya airport or hotel or train station then we will drive you to Mount Bromo area with an AC vehicle tourist standard for about 4 hours depend on traffic jam. Upon your arrival in Mount Bromo area, you will stay at the Hotel around Mount Bromo at Cemoro Lawang Village. From there you can see presented the vies of volcano actives of Mount Bromo, Batok and Mount Kursi around Tengger region for your enjoyable stay.

Day        :  02

mount bromo ijen crater toursAt 3:30 am we will bring you to the most fantastic View poin to see the sunrise on Pananjakan Bromo. you will travel by 4WD to get there. From the lips Mount pananjakan, you will presented the best sunrise with its young volcanic including Mount Bromo and an active Mount Semeru in the back ground is breathtaking the play light shadow. it will be your unforgatable memoris for your holiday.  Afterward the adventure be continued to an active Mount Bromo volcano by horse riding. About at 08:00, the 4 WD will bring you back to the hotel for breakfast, take shower, packing, loading bags to the vehicle then transfer out to Bondowoso or Banyuwangi regency where Ijen Crater/Kawah Ijen located. We will drive from Mt. Bromo to Bondowoso or Banyuwangi for about 6 hours including stop on the way for having lunch at local restaurant.

Note:if you want to see a nice spot to see sunrise at bromo. I recommend to go to Kingkong hill, you can speak to your guide or the driver of 4WD jeep to bring you to kingkong hill. If you visit Penanjakan first poin hill, it is beautiful but there will be a lots of visitor so that it is difficult to see a nice view of sunrise and bromo view. sometime in the weekend you could not see the view. you will only see head of visitors because there will be almost thousand peoples up there. I guaranteed you that you will not see sunrise at the first pananjakan hill. but if you go to kingkong i believe you will get a nice view. but all of that depend on the weather. kingkong hill is spot for photographer to take a nice view of sunrise and view of bromo. only local people and some guide recommend their costumers to go to kingkong hill.

Day                : 03

Around 00:30 in the morning, 4WD Jeep Will bring you to the Paltuding parking areas of Mount Ijen. it takes around 1.5 Hours From your your Hotel in Banyuwangi to get there. Upon on arrival you will trekk Mount Ijen, approximately 1.5 hours will be required to ascend slope of mount Ijen to reach peak of Ijen Crater. at the rim of Mount Ijen you will see the most fantastic blue fire of ijen crater (Ijen Crater Blue Flame) in the world. The sulfur mining workers go down into the crater and climb back up by passing dangerous path on the edge of Ijen Crater with the load as much as 80 kilograms on their shoulders. This is really a dangerous & hard job.  After enjoyed the natural scenery at Crater of Ijen and then descend the slope of Mount IJEN until vehicles parking areas, We will escort you to the hotel then we will continue the trip to bali by passing throug beautifull Bali strait. Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Tour complete

Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Tour From Bali

Not only from Surabaya but Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Tour also can be do from Bali. The tour program for Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Tour From Bali is BALI – IJEN – BROMO – SURABAYA 3 DAYS 2 NIGHTS. Note: we can combine the tour program as your wish. We will do our best, and do not hesitate to contact us. We organize not only mount bromo and ijen crater but Malang, Yogyakarta and Bali. Join Now

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