Ijen Crater

Ijen Crater

Ijen Crater Banyuwangi is at the easternmost tip of Java, and is best known for its ferry connection at Ketapang to Gilimanuk in Bali. This area has a lot more to offer though and it is becoming better known as a visitor destination in its own right. Banyuwangi is also the gateway to some stunning volcanic scenery on the Ijen Plateau as well as the main access point for the Baluran Nationla Park, world renowned surfing at G-Land (Grajagan), and the remote Alas Purwo National Park. Ijen Crater or Ijen Plateau or known to Indonesians as Kawah Ijen, is one of the top recommended volcano in Indonesia to be visited. This active crater of 134 sq km has a landscape of volcanic cones of both Mount Ijen and Mount Merapi (not to be confused with the famous Mount Merapi in Central Java). This group of stratovolcanoes lies in East Java. Inside the crater you will see a magnificent turquoise sulphur lake that exudes flames, Ijen Blue FIre at night and smoky white in the day. famous of Ijen Blue Fire, Then we Create a tour it’s Called Ijen Crater Blue Flame Tour. Ijen Crater Blue Flame Tour for Traveler who want to see Ijen Blue fire In the midnight and Ijen crater Sunrise Tour in the morning. Here you will also find many sulphur collectors that hike up here to mine the minerals of Ijen Crater but this had been highlighted badly recently in the media due to the fumes being harmful to human and its extremely harsh working conditions.

Ijen.CraterIjen Crater Blue Flame
Ijen Crater Tour  is the best tour package for volcanoes holiday. with visiting Ijen Crater you will get the real adventure. Ijen Tour with additional program Mount Bromo Tour by visiting viewpoint Penanjakan Bromo to view the best Sunrise. Not only not only Ijen Crater Blue Flame will give you real adventure of your holiday. Ijen crater have the sunrise and green views. Not only that, Ijen also have a blue flame phenomenon that there are only 2 in the world. Blue flame there are only two in the world, one in Iceland.

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